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Rebuilt your mobile phone with liquid cooling system

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Author : Syscooling
Update time : 2020-04-24 10:39:29
The application scenarios of mobile phones in life have become more and more, such as refreshing, listening to music, taking photos, watching movies, playing games, socializing and so on, especially when running large games, watching movies for a long time and video calls, the cellphone will get a serious fever, and the traditional way of heat dissipation has already been difficult to meet the needs of the cellphone itself. Therefore, the water cooling heat dissipation scheme which was only available on the high-end computer host before was moved to the cellphone device by the cellphone manufacturer.

With the continuous improvement of the performance of the mobile phone processor, heating is also a more and more serious problem. Not solving the problem of heat dissipation is not only the problem of temperature, but also the problem of frequency reduction, which has a great impact on the overall experience, for this reason, many domestic mobile phones also use graphene or even liquid cooling heat dissipation. However, the heat dissipation of water cooling and liquid cooling in most cellphones is actually just heat pipe. The real water cooling is not like this. The water cooling without water pipes and water pumps is absolutely not water cooling.