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How to solve the heat dissipation of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Author : Syscooling
Update time : 2020-04-24 10:29:54
The ultrasonic wave spreads in the liquid, making the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate together under the ultrasonic frequency. When the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate, they have their own inherent frequency, which is the acoustic frequency, so people hear the buzzing sound. With the continuous development of cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine are: good effect of ultrasonic cleaning and simple operation. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in surface coating processing industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch and jewelry industry, optical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry. The vibration speed of the elastic vibration body of ultrasonic motor and the way of transmitting energy by friction determine that it is a kind of low-speed motor, and its energy density is about 5 to 10 times of that of electromagnetic motor at the same time, so that it can obtain large torque at low speed without the need of deceleration mechanism, which can directly drive the actuator. Therefore, the high energy density also leads to the overheat inside the ultrasonic wave under the condition of poor heat dissipation, it directly affects the stability of performance. Since ultrasonic cleaning machine needs to use more environments, sometimes it needs to be very cautious to handle the noise. This requires that the noise in terms of heat dissipation should not be too high. And we all know that when air cooling is used to radiate heat, the fan will increase its rotating speed when the heat becomes higher, thus increasing the noise. In addition, the heat dissipation of the fan will also easily accumulate dust, which will affect the internal environment.

So is there a better way to dissipate heat? The answer is water cooling. In many ways of heat dissipation, water cooling and heat dissipation have begun to emerge. Excellent heat dissipation effect, mute mode, green security and stability have greatly changed the previous heat dissipation mode. Water cooling and heat dissipation have been used in many fields, such as new energy, LED, laser and so on, accelerating the development of water cooling and heat dissipation. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is no exception, and many enterprises have begun to adopt this cooling method. In the future, there will be more equipment introducing water cooling and heat dissipation. Dongyuan company has been specialized in water cooling and heat dissipation for 16 years, and has rich experience in water cooling and heat dissipation solutions, as well as co-working solutions cases in many industries. There are a large number of cooperative customers in industries such as laser, LED, electric power and medical treatment. Dongyuan company has many professional production lines, and its product lines are abundant, covering a full set of water cooling and heat dissipation system, such as water cooling circulating pump, water cooling head, cold drainage, joint, hydraulic conduction, fan, etc. At the same time, according to the needs of customers, design customized specific water cooling and heat dissipation products, which are widely used in electronic products, industrial production, photoelectric industry, power communication and many other industries with heat dissipation requirements.