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Electron microscopes can also use water cooling systems to dissipate heat

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Author : Syscooling
Update time : 2020-05-16 16:41:00
Electron microscope, referred to as electron microscope, has become an indispensable tool in modern science and technology after more than 50 years of development.

The electron microscope consists of a lens barrel, a vacuum device and a power cabinet. The lens barrel mainly includes components such as an electron source, an electronic lens, a sample holder, a fluorescent screen, and a detector. These components are usually assembled into a cylinder from top to bottom. The vacuum device is used to ensure the vacuum state in the microscope, so that the electrons will not be absorbed or deflected in its path. It is composed of a mechanical vacuum pump, a diffusion pump, a vacuum valve, etc., and is connected to the lens barrel through an exhaust pipe. The power cabinet is composed of a high-voltage generator, an exciting current stabilizer, and various adjustment and control units. The electron microscope generates relatively large amounts of heat, and the source of the heat is the power cabinet. Some users often react to the summer, and the temperature is high, which seriously affects the work efficiency and accuracy.

The distance between the components of the electron microscope equipment and the circuit board is relatively close, and the space for heat dissipation is small. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the indoor temperature in summer to keep it within 25 ± 2 ° C. For some heat-dissipating components, because they contain power components and adopt natural heat dissipation methods, care should be taken to keep the space nearby, and at the same time avoid placing books and other items on the surface cover, which hinders heat dissipation. In addition to daily attention, on the other hand, new heat dissipation technologies can be considered, especially water-cooled heat dissipation can be applied to the cooling of electron mirrors. Many users praise the quiet, efficient and long-life characteristics of water-cooled heat dissipation .

The application of water-cooled heat dissipation in the computer DIY market can be said to have opened up a new route for heat dissipation technology. The resulting various heat dissipation solutions can follow the water-cooled heat dissipation to solve the heat problem.