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One-stop solution helps you easily solve computer heat dissipation

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Update time : 2020-05-19 10:43:24

Computer cooling bad computer slow! Strong performance have to hold it, one-stop package help you easily!
The computer does not dissipate heat well, which directly affects the speed of the computer. Playing game cards, drawing cards, and the network card. Generally, the heat dissipation is air-cooled heat dissipation and water-cooled heat dissipation. Now let's talk about water-cooled heat dissipation.
The water cooling threshold of the integrated hose is very low, and the comprehensive use cost is cheaper than that of the hard tube. However, the water cooling and heat dissipation of the integrated hose below 240 specifications are not ideal! If you want to use one-piece water cooling, you must have 240 specifications or above!
From the perspective of heat dissipation effect, of course, the hard pipe is the best for water cooling, because it has an independent water supply tank and an independent water pump. The key is!! Water! Its circulation capacity is not what ordinary integrated hose water cooling can do! Moreover, the complete water cooling system of the hard pipe is as pleasing to the eye in appearance as an artwork. Because the water cooling of the hard pipe is not convenient for secondary upgrade and transformation, the configuration is required to be in place in one step at last.
If your budget is sufficient, the solution of hard pipe water cooling must be your first choice! Excellent heat dissipation ability, excellent mute and cool appearance are all the reasons why you choose him, but don't forget to change to a big air-cooled radiator!

1. Whether the CPU heat dissipation is good or not directly affects your use experience, or blocks your game. Or restart automatically! Generally speaking, the CPU temperature in the range of 20-40 degrees is relatively normal, and the golden working temperature of CPU is 20-30 degrees, once the CPU temperature exceeds 70℃, it will cause permanent irreversible damage to the CPU! So if you want your computer to run for a few more years, then give your CPU heat dissipation.

The choice of CPU cold head first depends on the material of the CPU. The CPU base is generally divided into brass and copper. Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc, which consists of copper, brass composed of zinc is called ordinary brass. If it is a variety of Alloys composed of more than two elements, it is called special brass. Zi Tong, also known as red copper, is a simple copper substance, which is named because its color is purplish red. Zi Tong is industrial pure copper. The higher the purity of copper, the better the heat dissipation effect, so the choice of CPU depends on the material of the CPU base,
Secondly, it depends on the water channel of Leng tou! The water channel of CPU cold head is the micro channel with large water resistance and the copper pillar channel with large flow. Big water resists the cold head, which is made into slender waterways, so as to increase the contact area between the base and the water and take away the heat fully. However, this kind of cold head has great resistance and has certain requirements on the head of the water pump. In addition, because the waterway is fine, the hydrothermal fluid must be clean, and impurities are easy to block, so it is better to choose transparent special hydrothermal fluid. The big water resistance head is more suitable to use the large head water pump to dissipate heat to the middle and high end.

The large flow type of copper column water channel relies on the PIN structure at the bottom of the cold head to form disorderly flow, thus achieving the effect of heat dissipation. This kind of cold head takes away heat through rapid water flow, which needs to be matched with a slightly larger water pump to play a better role. Of course such cold head price slightly lower for low-end CPU heat dissipation. A variety of styles of Syscooling can be chosen by you.
2 Graphics card heat dissipation, graphics card heat dissipation choose full coverage heat dissipation, you can match the required graphics card cold head according to your own graphics card model,
Silicone grease!!!! Many people easily ignore the importance of silicone grease! Then I tell you, the importance of silicone grease must be! Still need to be better! Silicone grease determines the thermal conductivity of your CPU, so a better Silicone grease is also necessary! Generally, it is only a few dozen to one hundred yuan.
Silicone grease!!!! Many people easily ignore the importance of silicone grease! Then I tell you, the importance of silicone grease must be! Still need to be better! Silicone grease determines the thermal conductivity of your CPU, so a better Silicone grease is also necessary! Generally, it is only a few dozen to one hundred yuan.
3. Selection of heat sink
Before installing water cooling, be sure to know your own hardware configuration the power consumption of CPU and graphics card clearly and the capacity of the chassis, that is, the size of the chassis's cold ranking.
Generally speaking, 120 cold discharge can solve the heat below 200W, 240 cold discharge can solve the power consumption of 300-500W, while 360 cold discharge can solve the power consumption of about 700W. Of course, this is the data in the test, which will actually be discounted, but it can also help us make a judgment.
For example, the CPU is i9 9900K and the graphics card is RTX2080Ti. These high-end hardware naturally have greater power consumption. The official power consumption of i9 9900K is 95W, and the power consumption of 2080ti is 300W, which adds up to 400W of heat. If it is overloaded, the power consumption will definitely increase.
The more reliable suggestion is 240+360 cold exhaust, so that even if overclocking, it can get a good temperature experience.
It is best to choose copper row, about 27mm in thickness. The fan can be matched with more than 1600 revolutions, which can give consideration to both mute and heat dissipation.
In terms of material, it is also possible to choose aluminum refrigeration row. Just pay attention to the use of special hydrothermal to reduce the copper-aluminum reaction. The price of aluminum row is cheap, but the difference between heat dissipation effect and copper row is not too big, which can meet the heat dissipation demand and has high cost performance.
4. It is best to choose PETG pipe, which has relatively high toughness and is easy to bend and cut. You can choose the color and style you like according to your own needs when choosing the fan, water pump and water tank.
5. One-stop service you can choose from us. All kinds of needs are provided to meet your different needs. Free online guidance for free, hard pipe water cooling, just look for us.