Syscooling New design ART13 65mm*50mm Cylindrical Transparent Acrylic Water Tank

Item No.: ART13 65mm
In/out: G1/4 thread
Color:Black top
Tank Length:65mm
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Syscooling New design ART13 65mm*50mm Cylindrical Transparent Acrylic Water Tank
Material: transparent acrylic water tank, black POM upper cover and bottom cover
Overall length: 105mm
Diameter: 50mm
Standard accessary: two plugs, two brackets

High quality raw materials
Excellent environmental protection coating
The upper and lower covers are made of imported POM materials, CNC machining, high quality process flow

Excellent production process of acrylic material
The middle transparent tube body is made of modified temperature resistant transparent acrylic material, and the stress is removed after machining,
The tube body can withstand 100 ℃ water temperature for a short time without deformation and cracking.

Compatible with standard pagoda
G1 / 4 thread connection is adopted for the upper and lower cover interfaces, which is compatible with the commercial general standard pagoda and quick coupling, with high material strength,
There is no need to worry about deformation and cracking at the interface and thread

Good ductility
Excellent production process
The fixed plastic bracket of the tube body is made of nylon material, which has good ductility and is not easy to crack. The bracket is convenient for users to put the water tank
Fixed on the optical drive and hard disk, your whole water cooling system will be more beautiful and flexible.

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